Lattice Training

Incorporated in June 2003, Lattice is a boutique finance and strategy advisory firm. We have clients across Africa. In addition to our consulting practise, we have a training practice.  To learn more about our training solutions click here.

“Lattice”: A framework or structure of crossed wood or metal strips.
We offer bespoke training services, where each training is customized to fit the client’s needs. Highlighted here below in detail are our services.

1. Agriculture Value Chain Finance Training

This 2-day course utilizes case-based participatory learning which introduces the concept of agriculture value chains to participants. Using case studies from Kenya and similar economies, the course seeks to familiarize participants with the workings of different value chains and innovative ways of financing agriculture using the value chain approach. The course targets a wide array of actors along the value chain ranging from agriculture and agribusiness professionals, Financial institutions, Business advisory service providers, National, Local and County government officials.

2. Business Acumen

Lattice offers finance for non-finance managers, and finance for entrepreneurs programs. The finance for non-finance managers targeting non-finance managers is a 2-day course that gives learners an understanding of business, and how strategy and business decisions affect financial results, that is profits and cash flows, and how these relate to the balance sheet. Finance for non-finance managers is a challenging simulation. Teams have to address competing problems of oversupply, inventory build-up, working capital, cash flow, debt repayment. The workshop also introduces formal exercises in budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and ratios.

Finance for entrepreneurs is a 1-day simulation workshop targeting entrepreneurs and SME owners that introduces the foundations of business- cash flow, working capital, borrowing, budgets – and challenges business owners to up their (finance) game. This course answers the “what next after this training?” question, by sending the entrepreneurs home with an entrepreneur’s toolkit that contains checklists and templates to guide them on how to use the learning from the course to better manage their businesses.

3. Business Development

Lattice delivers a 1-day sales leaders program targeting sales team leads and is developed to enable sales leaders create, define and utilize a standard nomenclature for discussing sales activity with their teams, move from managing salespeople’s time and tasks to managing the sales process and increase the number of customers.

4. Lattice CFO Services

Lattice offers CFO expert services to SMEs to support their financial planning and cashflow management for seed stage, growth stage and SME stage businesses that cannot afford this function in-house. The services range from bookkeeping, pay roll management, financial reporting management and planning, audit and networking.

5. Excel Data Analysis and Presentation Skills

Lattice has designed a training solution for users of Ms Excel for data analysis and regular presentations to non-finance teams. This course is designed to teach participants how to use Ms Excel to analyze and simplify complex data, to translate it to well-built and designed dashboard reports, and to present it in a visually appealing manner. Using Nancy Duarte’s globally acclaimed “slide:ologyTM concepts, participants learn how to “storify” financial information and to graphics and visualization aids to present figures in a manner that is easily understood by audiences.

6. Financial Modelling

Using Lattice Training’s best practice modelling methodology, our Financial Modelling training is designed to equip teams to produce world-class models quickly and efficiently. The course targets finance and investment professionals. This is a 3-day case-based course where participants learn how to build robust, reliable and flexible financial models from scratch. The course focuses on project finance, corporate finance and valuation modelling.


Our results are very practical and intimately tailored to your business. That’s why we have a 100% money back guarantee.