Governments world over are under unprecedented pressure to deliver public goods to an increasing population with limited financial resources. County governments in Kenya are not an exception – citizens expect delivery of services in shorter time frames and quickly become disillusioned when their expectations are not met.  On the other hand, the county governments leaders know what they want to deliver, but often get embroiled in bureaucratic practices and complex stakeholders-management challenges inherent in government operations. At the end of the day, many counties end up with great strategic plans and manifestos, but without a clear link on how to surmount the challenges and deliver tangible outcomes.


We use several approaches to mobilize more funds including:

  • Aligning planning and budgeting
  • Re-allocating funds from non-performing initiatives;
  • Enhancing financial management capability
  • Executing levers to improve revenue management, collection and billing.
  • Developing suitable financing models to mobilize funding for commercially viable large capital-investment projects.



Using a well-tested approach that combines case studies, and practical exercises rooted in well established theoretical frameworks, Lattice has the following programs targeted to county leadership teams including and not limited to the following:

  • County Executives
  • Chief Officers
  • County Directors



An Executive Leadership Development Program 

This is a transformational leadership development program designed to drive execution excellence. It provides the County Leadership Team (CLT) with a thorough understanding of the five ‘Leading for Results’ execution practices (strategic planning, prioritization, technology utilization, resourcing and performance management), creates a shared vision, raises their awareness of their leadership role, catalyzes joint ownership and accountability for results, and actively strengthens their leadership and management skills.



Achieving goals with limited resources

The transition to a devolved system of government brings decision making structures, processes and services closer to the people. However, delivery of services on the existing infrastructure is a daunting task. It requires rapid scaling-up of the county’s capability to deliver services and execute their development plans more efficiently and effectively. Hence, it necessitates a shift in approach to modern management practices that focus on improved efficiency, effectiveness and measurable outcomes. The measurable outcome.

In this context, we support and accelerate the adoption of modern management practices as follows:

  • Develop an Implementation Plan
  • Enhance Organizational Capability
  • Establish key Operational Practices
  • Institutionalize Performance Management



Leveraging the power of ICT  

ICT has the potential to transform the government, businesses, drive entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth.

In the regional county economic blocs, we promote the use of ICT to strengthen integration, increase economies of scale and enhance trade. We support the bloc to build a competitive ICT industry to promote innovation, job creation and maximize their potential. Our approach is to support the digital transformation journey through the development and execution of effective digital transformation strategy that is aligned with their goals.



In pursuit of execution excellence 

Our systematic approach to rigorous execution involves the following key components:

  • Establish and operationalize a Governor’s Delivery Unit: with key performance indicators and targets.
  • Accelerate delivery of Rapid Results:

Establish a Results Management Framework (RMF) and Results Monitoring Tool (RMT)



Reforming the County’s Business Environment

We work with the county to help them identify their key economic growth drivers and develop their business environment to facilitate sustainable economic growth.

Our approach integrates both the supply-side and demand-side of the value chains. In particular our services focus on the following areas:

  • Accelerate Economic Growth
  • Reform the Business Environment
  • Drive Youth Empowerment
  • Establish a County Engagement Platform



Expanding the County’s fiscal space  

Lattice has deep expertise and experience in the banking and financial services sectors. We support the county government in identifying suitable levers to navigate financial challenges including:

  • Streamline Budgets:
  • Boost Revenue Management
  • Strengthen Financial Management Capability
  • Accelerate Poverty Alleviation
  • Mobilize Project Financing